Gran Master Ung Seo Ju in Italia.

Ecco le date del seminario Europeo del Gran Master Ung Seo Ju..nostra tappa Ancona il 28 aprile..da non perdere!!
● 2018 France Hapkido Seminar ●
From the 11th April to the 1st May 2018
♧ 1st, France National seminar in Agens city (14.15)
♧ 2nd, France Master Course seminar near Grenoble city (18.19.20)
♧ 3rd, France International seminar near Grenoble city (21.22)
♧ 4th, Italia seminar in Ancona city (28.29)
■ Complete Schedule ■
◇April 10, Incheon Hyatt Hotel, one night
◇April 11, 9am, Depart from Incheon Airport, arrival the same day to Paris, one night
◇April 12, Tour in Paris, one night
◇April 13, Tour in Paris and then Depart to Agen
◇April 14, France National Seminar in Agen
◇April 15, Seminar in the morning and Black belt test in the afternoon
◇April 16.17, South of France Visit
◇April 17, Arrival in Grenoble,
◇April 18.19.20, Morning Visit and Afternoon Master Course seminer
◇April 21, International Seminar
◇April 22, International Seminar, Morning Training and Afternoon Black belt test
◇April 23, Depart and tour in Chamonix, Mont Blanc, one night
◇April 24, Tour in Lyon and Depart for Madrid, one night
◇April 25, Tour in Madrid and Meeting with Spain Euljikwan Instructors, one night
◇April 26, Tour in Madrid, one night
◇April 27, Depart for Bologna, Italia and then Ancona
◇April 28.29, Italia National Seminar
◇ April 30 Tour in Bologna
◇ May1, 7am Depart from Bologna to Paris and then Seoul
◇ May 2, Arrival in Seoul
☆ This schedule is not yet 100% certified, we could depart on the 10th april and have one more day doing tour in Paris.

Domenico L'ErarioGran Master Ung Seo Ju in Italia.